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Fuel and Banker

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Fuel and Banker MOOrS6E

I think that some of the things should be tweaked in the server just a little to make things a better over all experience. Things like making the fuel free with the trade off of having the cost of repairing vehicles higher ( something like 10,000 coins instead of 7,000 coins ). I think there should be Bankers added at Hero trader and/or aircraft dealer. Going all the way from Klem is dangerous right there in that hot zone with multiple hundred thousands on you that took a week or two to save up. Just some suggestions. Look forward to everyone's input on this idea. cheers

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Fuel and Banker WKasQXq

The reason fuel costs money AND that banks are far between is so people are forced to carry coins, and being forced to carry coins increases your risk and ratio of loss, and therefore introduces fear as a factor of the game.. without fear of loss people run around like Rambo and playing like nubs because they have nothing to lose.

We had it like that for a month as a trial and it was agreed that it reduced the difficulty to much and aided in over inflating the economy so it was returned to the old system.

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