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1VG Lost MTVR Empty VG Lost MTVR Sun Sep 27, 2020 6:02 am



Today, I placed a plot pole, and then retrieved the MTVR.  Taking items out and storing others, I got into the truck, and drove it about a foot forward from where it was spawned in.  I then stored the MTVR with gear, receiving the message that it was stored.  I went to get my Armored SUV and moved it close to the Plot pole to store as well, and when I went to store the SUV, the MTVR was not there.  Only the Jackal that I have had for about a day.  I stored the SUV successfully and then deconstructed the Plot pole.  I then placed the pole again and only Jackal and SUV, no MTVR.

I had 12 weapons, nothing glorious, 1x2-stroke oil, and then about 24 various cooked meats and other misc totaling about 120 items.

This is the second time I lost a MTVR, the first time, I locked the truck and then stored it.

The above happened 9/26/2020 about 15 minutes before the restart at 1500 Central time.

2VG Lost MTVR Empty Re: VG Lost MTVR Mon Sep 28, 2020 5:55 am



sorry to hear this but if im not mistaken this many have been a simple server glitch where the server may have been saving the map and data before the restart and your truck may have been eaten in the process

I will confure with the other staff members to pinpoint the cause may have been

3VG Lost MTVR Empty Re: VG Lost MTVR Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:03 am



VG Lost MTVR OV1Pbp7

Typically this is caused by the VG not syncing properly due to logging in too soon after a restart.

(i.e. not waiting the full 5 minutes after a restart to login)

- Artemis

4VG Lost MTVR Empty Re: VG Lost MTVR Tue Sep 29, 2020 12:40 am



Understood, and I have made a point to not join until after 5+ minutes. I understand DayZ give-th and DayZ taketh-away.

I have made it a point to once the VG deployed, unlock and then drive before re-storage. It seems this process has been working for me. I may have hastily did something that caused the VG consumption.

Thank you for the investigation, and I apologize for not stating this, but I had not expected any reimbursement. Just an FYI to a possible bug.

Keep the server going, it is great!

5VG Lost MTVR Empty Re: VG Lost MTVR Wed Jun 30, 2021 2:16 am


HI i realise this might have already been looked at but as a new player to your map the VG has an issue it seems, i have made my vehicles with one key, the first issue is that when you store a vehicle it takes the key which mean i can't lock or unlock my other vehicles registered to it as i hadn't been able to make copies yet, second issue that now that i logged in after over night the MTVR has vanished along with all the goods i had in it. Figured it worth mentioning as it could impact others who play, i don't need a refund or any thing just wanted to let you know what the VG is doing. :-)

i could do with a replacement key though as the VG has eaten it and i can;t unlock my suv or jackle thanks



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