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Hi guys,

After receiving quite a number of messages from people asking if they can donate to assist with server costs over the last few months, we have finally got of our lazy asses and provide you guys with the tools to do so,
the relevant links have been added to the notification bar.

We do appreciate the sentiment attached to the requests we have received, and want to thank you guys for sticking with us and being part of the community.

I do need to make a few things known before you donate (if you choose to do so), due to Bohemia Interactive's terms and conditions; we cannot officially offer you in game items, coins, or special treatment in exchange for donations. Legally.. the only thing we can offer in return is our thanks.

I would like to note, that any donations received will be put back into the community to assist with maintenance, server costs, event prizes and the like,
I will also take this time to explain that regardless of donations, the server will still remain online as it always has.. there is no need to panic, lol

Donators will be assigned special forum ranks and discord color in recognition of their contribution to the community.

You will also receive this cool corsair inspired forum badge:
RE:Server Donations Ay6VLtQ

Thank you all for being a part of this.
And we hope you all have a wonderful 2019

Stay safe!


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