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Important, PLEASE READ.

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1Important, PLEASE READ. Empty Important, PLEASE READ. Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:58 am



Important, PLEASE READ. WKasQXq

Important, PLEASE READ. Logo210


We have been advised by the hosting company that the server will be migrated onto new more modern hardware in "the coming days",
We do not know when exactly, or even what day.. We do know is that the server IP WILL be change, So you will need to re-add/find us on DayZ Launcher once this happens..
I will update this post with the new IP as soon as we know it.

In terms of being offline, the migration should only take a matter of minutes, and shouldn't cause too much downtime, and player accounts, items and inventories will not be affected, your shit is safe guys.. (we keep backups anyways)

(The shit part is, it means our worldwide ranking gets nerfed, so we will have to earn back our spot all over again)

A good thing to come of this is that we should have increased stability, and higher FPS due to the newer, faster hardware.

~ Knight

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