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[Important] - Read before posting WKasQXq

Please include the following in your report, in the following format:

Your name:

The person who you are reporting:

When did this happen:

What happened:

What would you expect as a resolution:

Do you have additional proof (e.g: screenshots or video)

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goodw (kerry Goodwon)
the player zouzou
12/17/2014 0538 just before server restart. I took the ikea or urahl mission spent 20 mins taking all bandits and when i drove up and cleared it here he comes and starts taking everything he can grab, I dont know what was in the box that he took but while i was busy trying to secure what I needed he claimed all of the vehicles and locked them then proceeded to take more.
I assume you have claim on a mission for a reason, although when I started the mission no one else was on so I did not see the need to put a claim on it, I will remember next time, but common courtesy should dictate etiquette. anyway not sure what the proper resolution should be, not truly a big deal just frustrating and I thought you should know.

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[Important] - Read before posting WKasQXq

Thanks for the report Goodw,

Generally the rule of thumb is not to be a dick toward other players, and I do agree that this was kind of a dick move.

Yes we do encourage the use of call outs for missions, but we also know that it's not really helpful if there is no one else around, because no one is online to see it, and markers don't show up for players who are offline.

In this instance you are not at fault for any of this and I will have a chat to the player in question and ensure he/she is aware of the rules.

If you wish to have those items refunded to you, send me a PM and I will set up a refund box for you.


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